The Moleskine (and why we’re still looking)


The Moleskine


4 responses to “The Moleskine (and why we’re still looking)

  1. Once again, the confusion between the term “moleskine” and the trademark “Moleskine” raises its head. It is as if a manufacturer (let’s call them “Colo e Colo”) created a “Composition Book”, and trademarked the name (doing so by the virtue of the fact that the style of notebook named “composition book” had fallen out of favor). You would then have a brand name “Composition Book”, and a whole bunch of past (and, once the format regains popularity, new) manufacturers of “composition books”. Colo e Colo could even honestly say that generations of school children used the “Composition Book”, even if they had just started making them recently.

    There is only one maker of the Moleskine, but there are many makers of moleskines.

  2. Oh, and in case you didn’t understand the above, what you have in your hands is an authentic, completely genuine, just like every other notebook of the same format, moleskine notebook. It’s a real moleskine notebook. Really. It’s just not a Moleskine brand moleskine.

  3. top-bound cover! top-bound cover! how else can we be expected to hold the notebook in one hand and write with the other? I don’t care if we then only use half the total page space (because you obviously can’t use the back)–I want a top-bound cover!

  4. isn’t this like a reporter’s journal? I think there is a reporter’s moleskine.


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