The Miquelrius: The flexible Moleskine?



13 responses to “The Miquelrius: The flexible Moleskine?

  1. Great post, I’ll check these out, thanks!

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  3. Makes you wonder if the size preference is due to 3.5×5.5 being much closer to the Golden Ratio. (1.61803399)

    Still, I prefer the paper in a Miquelrius.

  4. Check out these new Miquelrius Flexible pocket notebooks at They are approx. 2.75″ x 4.75″ and have a pocket pouch in the back to slip stuff in. There is also an elastic band to keep the book closed or mark pages.

    Oh they are available with blank, lined or graphed(grid pages)

  5. Thank you so much for your reviews and awesome pictures! I just bought a couple to try and I love the way they feel – like an old book or something. The paper feels nice and smooth (I ordered blank pages). I haven’t written in them yet, because I’m waiting for my Noodler’s ink.
    I’m looking forward to your next review. Thanks again for your work.

  6. Yeah, these new pocket Miquelrius notebooks may be it. I would be interested in seeing a review. They are also available here:

    And at $4 a pop sure have the price thing down.

    By the way, this blog performs a wornderful service, not only because of the reviews but also for letting me know I’m not the only notebook obssessive/compulsive out there.

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  8. Hola faretaste

  9. Thank you for reviewing our products. We now manufacture and sell a smaller notebook with an elastic band and a pocket in back. It sells for $3.99 at

    Thank you!

  10. This website is dangerous! While cruising the net trying to find a little black notebook like the one carried by Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada, I found this site and now am the possessor of not one, not two, but THREE moleskines (two five by eight notebooks – one of these a reporter, and a small weekly diary. And I’ve just ordered a Miquelrios soft-cover notebook. I’m obsessing about these and this website is just feeding my habit. Oh the humanity!

  11. To be honest, I don’t quite understand your enthusiasm about flexible covers. I use moleskines and the likes of moleskines while travelling, too, and for me, it is precisely the hardback that is a major advantage: you can just hold it in your hand or on your lap and write, whereas with a soft-cover notebook you need a table (the pictures you posted of the Miquelrius make me shudder with sheer horror!).

    I did buy a couple of soft-cover moleskines eventually – they are among the very few soft-cover notebooks that I have -, I like them, but I guest it is just for the change and variation, not that I find soft covers particularly helpful.

    I like your website. I have also been looking for the “perfect notebook”, found it several times… bought loads of them to stock up… and after a while I found I got bored of them, no matter how perfect they were. Or perhaps the second time you write in a perfect notebook is not like the first time. Or is it just the dynamics of obsession? 😉

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  13. “page headers! Why do notebook companies think we’re still in grade school ” and continue to make these lined pages?


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