Xonex Ru: The (Very) Soft Cover Black Book



6 responses to “Xonex Ru: The (Very) Soft Cover Black Book

  1. Nice work. I’m w/ you in the lined pages thing too.

  2. Speaking as one of those people who love the ru for art, I have to say that the larger size is perfect for that reason. And what you say about the quality of paper is true – I love it so much that I tried to find out who makes the paper (with little success) with the intent of using it to make larger artworks. I’ve drawn in mine with all kinds of pens, watercolors, pencils, markers and even done inkjet transfers in it! The way the paper accepts a variety of media is fantastic. And the cover is pretty durable – its survived all kinds of indignities I’ve forced upon it, and at the most, it’s just starting to look a little dirty. I’ve been a regular moleskine user, but the last notebook I got made me realize that at 3 times the price it really is inferior, and I’ve made the switch.

  3. My focus is on the paper, so much is too thin and soft for me, and it’s soooo hard to find unlined–so I’m ordering! Thanks so much for the pointer.

  4. The ru journal actually became my cost effective Moleskine substitute. It is almost half the price, the size isn’t so bad, and it’s far more durable than you give it credit for. The blank pages may be your minus, but they are my plus.

    Also, the pages don’t bleed and the ink dries quicker on a ru journal page than Moleskine. It’s not a bad alternative for me.

  5. Amazing writing! Maria

  6. Does anyone know where I can buy Xonex Ru notebooks in the UK?

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