The Poor Man’s Moleskine: The Colored Edge Notebook



5 responses to “The Poor Man’s Moleskine: The Colored Edge Notebook

  1. Nice work, thanks! 😉

  2. Just stumbled over from notebookism. Nice reviews and thanks, I’m always out for a lesser priced alt to the revered Moleskine!

    I would offer one comment in relation to this review. The spine: the fact the Colored Edge Notebook pages are attached to the spine vs. the Moleskine’s not may not be as beneficial as you think. It looks like the Colored Edge Notebook is bound to a technique similar to perfect binding: the bulk of paperbacks are bound that way. High use tends to break the glue = pages loose. The stitched pages of the Moleskine are a bit more durable, if you’re looking for longevity.


  3. Looks like the domain name for Leather Etc. has expired. Perhaps they should have made a note of the renewal date?

  4. One of my coworkers just steered me to your website, which I think is great. (I am in pursuit of the Perfect Journal Book, myself, so am very interested in your research.)

    One note about the Colored Edge Notebooks: the elastic will stretch and loosen after two or three months of daily use.

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