Will the Stifflexible Rise From The Grave?


Stifflexible compared to a Moleskine


15 responses to “Will the Stifflexible Rise From The Grave?

  1. It would indeed be great to bring this notebook to our shores, as well as their agendas and “old fashioned noatebooks,” which are like high quality composition books. Good luck and keep fighting the good fight.

  2. I am a pencil reviewer over at Pencil Things (www.pencilthings.com). Don Bell, the proprietor, is interested in talking with the Mazzuoli about US distribution… Would someone email me at andy@welfle.com to discuss this? I’ll make sure you get in contact with Don.

    Thanks, I love your blog! Keep up the noble cause!


  4. Great news, I hope this goes somewhere!!!

  5. Vanness in Little Rock, Arkansas already handles their products, presumably their pens. I’ll stop by there and see if they are willing to stock the Stifflexible; they don’t usually do notebooks and the like, but you never know. – Pj

  6. I cannot find this item on the MOMA website. Is it out of stock? Is it there and I’m missing it? Can they distribute through their website, and the museum will also profit from it?

  7. I noticed that the Ink Flow:
    carries a large selection of G. Mazzuoli Pens and a small amount of stationery. Maybe they could carry the notebooks?

  8. I wouldn’t mind trying the Stifflexible, since I am also on the quest for the perfect back pocket notebook, but I fear that the spine will still suffer from bending. The best solution I have found is a Moleksine Reporter notebook, always inserted into the back pocket with the spine facing up. I’ve been carrying my current one since March third, four months, and the spine is rock solid. It’s the sideways bend against the spine that causes traditional left-side case binding to break.

    Do you think they would make a reporter-style Stifflexible?

    Xonex sells the Ru Journal… I wonder if they would be interested in distributing the Stifflexible? Barnes and Noble has a new set of branded weekly planners that are obviously Ru’s, so maybe B&N, Borders, or Books-a-Million would look at a branded version of Stifflexible to put on their shelves.

  9. you have GOT to talk to the folks at Bob Slate Stationers in Cambridge – they carry a really scary number of notebooks in their stores. They would be the perfect place for this.

  10. I actually just won one of these off of Ebay…it should be in the mail. I’ll see how if it lives up do your praises!

    If anyone’s interested, I believe the seller I bought mine from has a red stifflexible available still. It’s the same as the black one, but, well, red.

  11. I just got the one I won off of Ebay. You’re right, it’s about an inch larger than the pocket sized Moleskine, but I have to agree, the bendable cover is fantastic. I can’t imagine how perfect a smaller size would be!

  12. I tried the moma store in soho and could not find it. Bummer.

  13. So…any word on availability of this? Put me down for a small handful if they are.

    – Barrett

  14. I swear I saw one (in red) at Art Brown in Manhattan on Friday. I was distracted by the Pen Fair, but I’ll go back and check. Perhaps they’d consider stocking them.

  15. Homo Œconomicus

    You could start by contacting all the Xonex reps listed on the Xonex website.

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